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Physically, he is a person of extremely large and powerful build; however, he differs from human norms in that he possesses the facial characteristics of a lion, complete with blonde "mane" and fangs. His fingers are tipped with claws that can leave deep wounds when he attacks. In contrast to this intimidating form, his voice, while gravelly, is quite soft. When roused, Vincent has been known to emit loud roars, also similar to a lion's. Normally dressed in a welter of various patched garments and homespun, he often wears a large cloak about his shoulders, especially when walking the city streets so as to conceal his appearance from others Above. Only during Halloween night does he feel safe enough to venture outside openly. He has also been seen to wear (at more festive or formal occasions) a costume somewhat similar to an 18th Century gentleman's formal dress, with a ruffed stock tie at his throat.

His parentage is unknown; he was found abandoned as a baby in the garbage behind Saint Vincent's Hospital and brought to Father, who drew his name from the location. Nursed to health by Father and the early Tunnel community, he was raised with the other children of the Tunnels, and given an education heavily grounded in the humanities and European literary tradition. (This may have been an effort by Father to compensate for his lack of opportunity to play in the daylight.) The results of this education are found in Vincent's speech, which is both pithy and expressive, and contains many literary allusions. He serves as the English and literature teacher to the new generation of Tunnel children. He is also a member of the Tunnels' representative Council, where the habits of thought and examination encouraged by study of the liberal arts aid him and lend weight to his voice.

He has twice suffered from attacks of madness or some other mental aggravation, which resulted in his withdrawing into his more animal nature: once as an adolescent, and the second some two to 2-1/2 years after meeting Catherine. It is unknown if this will happen again in the future.

Vincent's devotion to those he loves is profound, but is not unquestioning. He is unafraid to argue with Father when he believes Father is wrong about something, and ignored the man's advice to break off all relations with Catherine. He is commonly a champion of the underdog, and will often support the petition of newcomers to join the Tunnels. He is also the last line of defense against intruders, though he does so with the greatest of reluctance. At such times, Vincent has exhibited a strong grasp of tactics; combined with the power of his attack, Vincent is a formidable adversary.

His devotion to Catherine was complete (as was hers to him), leading him into many dangerous situations. Since her death, he has grieved powerfully for her; however, he finds solace in Jacob, their son, and a hope for the future; as well, his friendship with Diana Bennett has given him a new direction in his life.

Now Vincent is alone caring for his and Catherine's son Jacob. Where he ends up now in life he does not know.


||Vincent is from the 80's tv series Beauty and the Beast and is property of his creator Ron Koslow. Ron Perlman who portrayed Vincent is his own property. This is for fun only. Muse and mun over 18.||
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